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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (1-10-2019)

Fairview (5A), Rampart (4A), and Pueblo County (3A) still lead the rankings as we clear the halfway point of the season and we get closer to the League and State meets in a few weeks!  Fairview put a sizable margin between them and second place Cherry Creek, while Fossil Ridge has jumped back into the fray and is now 3rd after two recent meets that provided opportunity to show that they are still formidable even with a major departing class.  Rampart also put more distance between themselves and second place Cheyenne Mountain, while Pueblo County and Kent Denver remain closer with only 21 points separating them.  

Next Rankings Published - Week of Jan 15th

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving
Post-Prelim Rankings

Rankings from the prelim sessions are below.  Good luck today & swim faster!!

5A Team Rankings
1.  Fossil Ridge 296
2.  Regis 276
3.  Cherry Creek 189
4.  Arapahoe 186
5.  Highlands Ranch 171
6.  Boulder 147
7.  Ponderosa 122
8.  Greeley West 104
9.  Hinkley 95
10.  Rocky Mountain 94
11.  Ft. Collins 89
12.  Lewis-Palmer 86
13.  Broomfield 72
14.  Smoky Hill 57
15.  Legacy 56
16.  Mountain Range 55
17.  Heritage 35
18.  Columbine 33
19.  Ralston Valley 28
20.  Rampart 23

4A Team Rankings
1.  Discovery Canyon 228
2.  Windsor 210
3.  Cheyenne Mountain 172
4.  Mullen 156
5.  Loveland 147
6.  Valor Christian 145
7.  Silver Creek 142
8.  Golden 140
9.  Pine Creek 139
10.  Montrose 136
11.  Pueblo County 108
12.  Air Academy 102
13.  D'Evelyn 85
14.  Thompson Valley 79
15.  Wheat Ridge 78
16.  Glenwood Springs 69
17.  Coronado 45
18.  George Washington 35
19.  Longmont 29
20.  Evergreen 27

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Psych Sheet Rankings (5-15-2018)

The Psych Sheets have now been posted and for the most part, teams have held to their post-league postions with a few minor exceptions.  Top teams Fossil Ridge and Discovery Canyon look like they've improved their leads though in both cases, 3rd through 10th look very close and relays making into the top 8 versus the top 16 can make or break those teams.  

5A Team Rankings
1. Fossil Ridge278
2. Regis221
3. Cherry Creek196
4. Ponderosa153
5. Highlands Ranch144
6. Broomfield132
7. Hinkley121
8. Arapahoe119
9. Rocky Mountain115
10. Boulder104
11. Smoky Hill94
12. Greeley West80
13. Mountain Range75
14. Ft. Collins72
15. Ralston Valley60
16. Legacy50
17. Lewis-Palmer45
18. Chatfield37
19. Columbine34
20. Heritage30

4A Team Rankings
1. Discovery Canyon249
2. Windsor201
3. Golden188
4. Cheyenne Mountain174
5. Mullen167
6. Silver Creek148
7. Valor Christian145
8. Pine Creek138
9. Montrose129
10. Loveland124
11. D'Evelyn92
12. Pueblo County91
13. Wheat Ridge78
14. Air Academy71
15. Glenwood Springs66
16. Thompson Valley64
17. Evergreen54
18. Coronado52
19. Longmont30
20. George Washington24

Monday, May 14, 2018

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (5-13-2018)

Final week of the season remains... Only one meet to go... The one that matters most - the State Meet!

Fossil Ridge and Discovery Canyon still lead the rankings though many schools played "possum" this week at the league meets and either had their best swimmers in off events, or in some cases, didn't swim them at all to give more chances for the rest of the team to make it into the State meet.  Both meets look to be close enough that a misstep like a DQ or bad meet could put the top trophy in another teams grasp.  

Next Rankings Published - Immediately after release of the psych sheets

Monday, May 7, 2018

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (5-7-2018)

You can bet that the 5A meet will be a close one... Fossil Ridge has made their way back to the top of the 5A rankings, though only by 3 points!  

4A is still held tightly by Discovery Canyon with a 34 point lead over Windsor.  

Next Rankings Published - Sunday, May 13th

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (4-25-2018)

A Holding Pattern...??

Regis and Discovery Canyon look like they might remain the leaders going into the league championship meets with only a few Invitationals this coming weekend..  Stay Tuned!!

Next Rankings Published - Week of April 30th

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (4-19-2018)

A new leader for 5A and a rising returning champion in 4A highlight this week's rankings and a few other small surprises in the individual events...

Next Rankings Published - Week of April 16th

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (4-11-2018)

New rankings this week in 5A show Regis closing the gap on Fossil Ridge - some, after the Cherry Creek/Regis dual, which has also helped Cherry Creek land in a solid 3rd place.  Windsor toppled Silver Creek for the top 4A spot while Cheyenne Mountain is making the climb back towards the top 5.

Next Rankings Published - Week of April 16th

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (4-5-2018)

First rankings of the season bring some of the same, and some definite changes...

The same comes from Fossil being atop the 5A rankings, followed by Regis, while the new comes from 4A with both Cheyenne Mountain and Valor (Last year's top 2) being out of the top 10 - for now.  Realize that many of the faster swimmers have not swam high school yet because of recent sectional meets going on.  Now that this has passed, you may see a lot more changes in the rankings over the next few weeks. For now, Silver Creek, Windsor, and Pine Creek lead 4A, while Fossil Ridge, Regis, and Ponderosa Co-Op are the top 3 in 5A.    

Next Rankings Published - Week of April 9th

Monday, March 26, 2018

Boys Rankings to Start the Week of April 2nd!

Boys weekly rankings will start the week of April 2nd since many of the state's faster swimmers have been prepping for their Sectional meets that wrapped up this past week/weekend.  Hopefully this gives enough time to have a decent set of results to reflect accurate rankings.  Meanwhile, be sure to follow @prepswimco on twitter to see any information on Colorado HS Swimming and Diving, as we continue to follow all of the boys and girls programs in Colorado, along with providing the only team rankings in Colorado!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Colorado Girls Swimming and Diving Psych Sheet Rankings (2-7-2018)

The Psych Sheets have now been posted and for the most part, teams have held to their post-league postions with a few minor exceptions.  5A looks to be a great battle within the top 2 and then 3-10, while in 4A, the top 4 could be very competitive.  3A looks like the top 3 will be a real battle to see who lands on top.  For teams in the 10-20 range, relays will be the big ticket to the higher ranks, while a DQ anywhere could drop a team several places.  

5A Team Rankings
1. Fossil Ridge 317
2. Fairview 286
3. Arapahoe 192
4. Rocky Mountain 147
5. Rock Canyon 144
6. Cherry Creek 141
7. Mountain Vista 132
8. Castle View/Douglas County 121
9. Lewis-Palmer 111
10. Regis 107
11. Ralston Valley 78
12. Monarch 74
13. Chatfield 64
14. Smoky Hill 59
15. Legacy 58
16. Horizon 57
17. Columbine 55
18. Dakota Ridge 37
19. Grandview 32
20. Broomfield 26

4A Team Rankings
1. Rampart 279
2. Valor Christian 233
3. Heritage 220
4. Cheyenne Mtn. 210
5. Silver Creek 159
6. Niwot 155
7. Windsor 131
8. Mullen 120
9. Evergreen 114
10. Loveland 80
11. Ft. Collins 80
12. Highlands Ranch 76
13. G. Washington 73
14. Air Academy 62
15. Pine Creek 54
16. Thompson Vall. 53
17. Pueblo South 44
18. Grand Junction 39
19. Greeley West 35
20. Coronado 25

3A Team Rankings
1. Longmont 216
2. Pueblo County 203
3. Centaurus 176
4. Kent Denver 158
5. St. Mary’s Academy 148
6. Aspen 144
7. Colorado Academy 144
8. Glenwood Springs 123
9. D'Evelyn 122
10. Manitou Springs 115
11. Durango 112
12. Disc. Canyon 96
13. Estes Park 91
14. Thomas Jefferson 84
15. Salida 81
16. St. Mary’s 62
17. Gunnison 43
18. La Junta 36
19. Eaton 32
20. Fountain Valley 29

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (1-25-2018)

And the roller coaster ride is on!!

5A rankings grew much closer with Fossil Ridge and Fairview nearly in a tie now, 4A saw Valor Christian jump up to 2nd place but Rampart still has a strong hold of the top place, and Longmont regained the top of the 3A rankings, though Pueblo County is only 5 points back.

Late rankings this week to help bridge the gap for no rankings next week since most teams will be focusing on their JV groups and those league meets.  The heavy hitters will come back to play next week with league championships happening February 2nd and 3rd.  There will be a few rankings that week... One on Sunday the 4th (whenever all league meets show up in MaxPreps), and then another ranking following the publishing of the psych sheets for the State meets.  

Good luck in the championship phase of our season!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (1-16-2018)

Definitely a fun time of the season... 3 Invites this week - Smoky, Hornet, Mustang, and a new leader in 3A - Pueblo County, by one point, after they hosted their Hornet Invitational!  Fairview is still keeping up ahead of Fossil Ridge in 5A with some unreal depth.  Rampart looks to be the real deal after Cheyenne Mountain swam this weekend at the Hornet in Pueblo and made up little ground on Rampart.  

One more week of meets until teams give the stage to the C/B/JV teams at their championship meets before the League championship meets the following week.  

Next Rankings: Week of Jan 15th

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (1-10-2018)

Well..  That's a bit of a surprise!  We have a new leader in 5A - Fairview!  Fairview now leads 5A rankings by 16 points.  Now, to be fair, Fossil Ridge didn't swim a meet this week, and Fairview swam a big meet at VMAC - The Boulder County Invite, and did VERY well.  Also understand that there isn't a filter for teams that have more than 4 athletes in an event, which will happen at the state meet.  Yes, this is now under consideration.  Example of this would be in the 100 Fly where Fairview has 5 girls in the top 10.  

In 4A, Rampart has pulled a further away from Cheyenne Mountain and now has a lead of 63 points.  Same story applies - Rampart swam at the Boulder County Invite, while Cheyenne Mountain was idle.  Stay tuned..

In 3A, Longmont remains in a solid 24 point lead ahead of Pueblo County, though this may change next week after PC hosts their Hornet Invite.  

A lot to look forward to over the next few weeks!!

Next Rankings: Week of Jan 15th