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Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (1-23-2023)

Some definite improvements in the times over the past few weeks!  

Next Rankings Published - Week of Feb 5th  - Assuming the A-League meets are all posted!

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

A Word About Rankings...

 A Word About Rankings...

I have been doing this for some time and over the years, especially the past couple of years, it seems that coaches/teams are taking a more lackadaisical approach in submitting their times in to MaxPreps.  Some are taking several days or even over a week, while others aren't bothering to at all.  What's not being considered is the impact to others when they take this ill-advised approach...  Kids who have some great swims/dives don't get to see where they rank among the best in the state unless they do their own research.  There's also a lot of coaches who like to strategize their best possible meet.  This now means they have to do a lot more work to do so.  Sad...

I've been very fortunate to have several media outlets pick up the rankings and publish them which is exactly the end-game we all want - attention for the sports we love and notice for the swimmers and divers who deserve it!  I've also been contacted by college coaches about the rankings and they do get our Colorado kids noticed!! 

What is my hope in posting this rant...??  If you notice that your coach/team hasn't posted a meet(s) to MaxPreps, ask them why not??  Let them know it's important to you.  Ultimately, I want to be able to post rankings that are the truest possible compilation of the best of the best and build hype for our sport.  It's great when you see headlines like, "#1 Cherry Creek Touches Out #3 Regis In a Dual Meet For The Ages!!" The rankings add so much more to the story and even those who may not follow swimming are going to possibly get drawn in to read more.    

Those few who intentionally or unintentionally don't submit their meets, wreck that possibility and until that's corrected there will be no more rankings.  I refuse to do half-baked or incomplete work.  Maybe that's the goal of some coaches - to hide their performances until they have to enter the State meet in hopes of catching others by surprise at State, League, or a dual meet..  Newsflash..  In the day of the internet, that's nearly impossible.  How about this... Your best against my best and let's see who wins.  Then we know you won legitimately by beating the best rather than by some kind of covert hide and seek games.  

CHSAA also seems to be disinterested in improving the situation as this has been allowed to happen and they have constantly refused to implement any kind of law/rule/penalty to enforce an acceptable timeframe to post results.  It takes literally 5 minutes to do (if that) and there are several of us out here who can help with getting it done, if needed.  No excuses please... We are all busy.  Do your job.  Make it a priority.  The kids deserve it!  Whatever works for you as motivation...  

Here's to hoping things improve so I can return to publishing accurate and meaningful rankings!


Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (1-3-2023)

This season looks to be a much more competitive one than in recent years.  Cherry Creek (5A), Pine Creek (4A) , and Evergreen (3A) are the initial rankings leaders, but in 2 cases, not by much... 

Next Rankings Published - Week of Jan. 13th