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Friday, May 17, 2019

Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (1-8-2020)

Cherry Creek (5A), Cheyenne Mountain (4A), and Durango (3A) open this season on top of their respective rankings, and in each class, it's still very competitive at the top.  With some good meets on the schedule over the next two weeks, you can expect the rankings to be very fluid (pun intended)!

Next Rankings Published - Week of Jan 13th

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving
5A Post-Prelim Rankings (5-17-2019)

Results from the 5A preliminary session were impressive to say the least!  Cherry Creek has put themselves in a position to win the title later today and other teams have held reasonably close to their psych sheet predictions.  The post-prelim & psych sheet rankings are listed below.  The prelim results can be found here.  We will also be posting 4A & 5A results on twitter at @PrepSwimCO.

5A Post-Prelim
Team Rankings
1.  Cherry Creek 491
2.  Regis 392
3.  Fossil Ridge 294
4.  Arapahoe 252
5.  Boulder 225
6.  Rocky Mountain 209
7.  Heritage 201
8.  Ponderosa 149
9.  Highlands Ranch 142
10.  Ft. Collins 136
11.  Valor Christian 133
12.  Ralston Valley 126
13.  Cherokee Trail 104
14.  Grandview 101
15.  Columbine 90
16.  Legacy 89
17.  Monarch 72
18.  Smoky Hill 69
19.  Loveland 64
20.  Lakewood 37

5A Psych Sheet
Team Rankings
1. Cherry Creek 381
2. Fossil Ridge 279
3. Regis 270
4. Arapahoe 267
5. Rocky Mountain 225
6. Boulder 225
7. Heritage 197
8. Cherokee Trail 160
9. Ft. Collins 157
10. Valor Christian 155
11. Columbine 148
12. Ponderosa 147
13. Highlands Ranch 138
14. Legacy 117
15. Grandview 115
16. Monarch 114
17. Ralston Valley 106
18. Lakewood 62
19. Loveland 54
20. Chatfield 39

Monday, May 13, 2019

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Psych Sheet Rankings (5-13-2019)

The Psych Sheets have now been posted and for the most part, teams have held to their post-league postions with a few minor exceptions.  5A looks to have a solid #1 in Cherry Creek with Fossil Ridge and Regis in pursuit, though they both are over 100 points behind.  4A also has a strong leader in Discovery Canyon, though Silver Creek is looking at trying to battle them for the title, though a 64 point gap will also not be trivial to overcome.  Good luck to everyone!  Schedule for the meet is here.  Tickets for the meet can be found here.

5A Team Rankings
1.  Cherry Creek 381
2.  Fossil Ridge 279
3.  Regis 270
4.  Arapahoe 267
5.  Rocky Mountain 225
6.  Boulder 224
7.  Heritage 197
8.  Cherokee Trail 160
9.  Ft. Collins 157
10.  Valor Christian 155
11.  Columbine 148
12.  Ponderosa 147
13.  Highlands Ranch 138
14.  Legacy 117
15.  Grandview 115
16.  Monarch 114
17.  Ralston Valley 106
18.  Lakewood 62
19.  Loveland 54
20.  Chatfield 39

4A Team Rankings
1.  Discovery Canyon 316
2.  Silver Creek 252
3.  Greeley West 238
4.  Broomfield 236
5.  Mullen 229
6.  Windsor 224
7.  Montrose 223
8.  Cheyenne Mountain 181
9.  Wheat Ridge 176
10.  Pine Creek 164
11.  Air Academy 155
12.  Golden 140
13.  Pueblo County 138
14.  George Washington 132
15.  Coronado 111
16.  Glenwood Springs 100
17.  Evergreen 75
18.  Thompson Valley 71
19.  Denver South 65
20.  Littleton 54

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (5-12-2019)

Post-League Rankings have some great swims (Miller - 5A 200 Free, Broomfield 4A Relays) but it also leaves several questions...

Can Regis make up a 90+ point gap between them and Cherry Creek?  Neither team went "Full send" in their league meets.  Last year Regis was 25 points behind Fossil Ridge in the same rankings to pull off a last-swim relay win to take the 5A title.

In 4A, Discovery Canyon, Greeley West, and Silver Creek have traded off the top relay spot all season.  Currently, Discovery Canyon has regained that position but realistically, any of the 3 have a chance.  A possible impact could be the choices that are made for events and if schools have others in what might be "weak" events.  The 200 IM and 500 Free look to have gaps in them because many of the current top 20 swimmers may not swim those events because they are seeded higher in other events.  This means that if schools are looking for "free points", they should look at moving kids into those events because they have a better chance to score than other events.  

Also in 4A... While Broomfield has the top spot in all 3 relays, it's with the same quartet of boys.  That's not going to work at State, so which of the 2 will they ride with, or will they split it up and try to cover all 3 with a couple of additional boys?  Mathematically, you can cover all 3 relays with 6 athletes, but individual event choices will probably come into play and may determine the final answer.

Next Rankings Published - May 14th (or 13th depending upon when State Psych Sheets are posted??)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (5-1-2019)

Week 5 of the boys rankings have little change with the exception of Rocky Mountain jumping from 8th to 5th in 5A.  In 4A, previous leader Greeley West has been dispatched to 3rd by Discovery Canyon (2nd) and Silver Creek (1st).  The 4A meet should be quite the event to see!  One note on 4A... This week's rankings is starting to show an impact of swimmers ranking high and then vacating events which means that events like the 100 Fly, 200 IM, and 500 Free could be carry impact for teams that have swimmers at state in those events who aren't currently ranking in the top 20 or even 30!  

No rankings next week as the B/C/JV athletes have their big league meets this week.  Tweet them out and mention @PrepSwimCO and we'll re-tweet it!  They've earned it!!!!

Next Rankings Published - May 12th & May 14th (or 13th depending upon State Psych Sheets??)

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (4-24-2019)

Week 4 of the boys rankings following two bigger invites - Jeffco & Cherry Creek, have two big jumps in each 5A with Arapahoe moving up 4 places to 4th place from 8th and in 4A, Montrose jumps 5 spots from 9th to 4th.  Both teams were in the Jeffco Invite while Creek lengthened it's first place margin over Regis and Greeley West and Discovery Canyon are in a near tie at the top of 4A.    

Next Rankings Published - Week of April 29th

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (4-17-2019)

Week 3 of the boys rankings looks to have brought both 5A & 4A into a much more competitive battle at the top.  Greeley West has re-emerged on top of the 4A rankings over last week's leader Discovery Canyon by 22, while 5A still has Cherry Creek on top but Regis has shrunk the lead from 100 points to 27.    

Next Rankings Published - Week of April 22nd

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (4-10-2019)

Week 2 of the boys rankings and we are now starting to see some of the faster swimmers coming in and impacting the rankings after many were sitting out until sectionals or only did 1 or 2 meets prior to their sectional meet.  The dual meet between Regis and Cherry Creek (CC won - 176.5 to 138.5) resulted in them being launched into the top spot in 5A by 100 points, while Discovery Canyon jumped from 3rd to 1st in the 4A rankings after a successful meet at the Cheyenne Mountain Invite.  

Next Rankings Published - Week of April 15th

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (4-3-2019)

First rankings of the season bring a dramatically different - and familiar landscape...

Regis is the familiar atop the 5A rankings, though only by a handful of points ahead of a rising Cherry Creek team, and Greeley West is the new team to sit atop the 4A rankings with a 70 point cushion over last year's champion Windsor.  

These be the rules...

  • A team scores points just like a championship meet by placing an athlete or relay in the top 20 and points are awarded in that fashion.
  • Adjustments have been made that account for athletes ranked in more than 2 individual events so that the scores are not skewed from one athlete/school. Adjustments have also been made for the "rule of 4" that mandates that only 4 competitors from the same school can score points in each event.
  • The main reason for this is to hopefully generate more publicity for all of the kids who have worked so hard for it and swimming and diving in general.
  • This is geared more for prediction of how the state championship meets will turn out, rather than how a dual meet against two teams will fare.
  • Times/scores have been pulled in only from data submitted to MaxPreps.  If you do not see times in there that should be, then you most likely did not submit them.  This should help to motivate people/coaches to submit them in a timely manner.  (Hint: Submit your meets to MaxPreps ASAP)
  • An exhaustive listing of all submitted times is located at
Enjoy & Have a great season!!

Next Rankings Published - Week of April 9th

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Colorado Girls Swimming and Diving Psych Sheet Rankings (2-5-2019)

The Psych Sheets have now been posted and the change from Top-16 scoring to Top-20 may come in to play when it comes to the upper middle rankings in each division.  The top spots look to have a wider margin of a lead, but as we have always seen, having a team land in finals rather than consols a few times and the picture changes dramatically.  Also DQ's on relays are nearly fatal for any team trying to climb into the top 10.  Good luck to all of the girls this weekend!!

5A Team Rankings
1. Fairview 451
2. Cherry Creek 390
3. Fossil Ridge 256
4. Arapahoe 248
5. Valor Christian 240
6. Mountain Vista 217
7. Lewis-Palmer 183
8. Heritage 175
9. Chatfield 170
10. Legacy 161
11. ThunderRidge 156
12. Ralston Valley 118
13. Horizon 112
14. Regis 105
15. Grandview 88
16. Rocky Mountain 86
17. Smoky Hill 75
18. Columbine 66
19. Boulder 56
20. Rock Canyon 51

4A Team Rankings
1. Rampart 391
2. Cheyenne Mtn. 314
3. Niwot 254
4. Mullen 246
5. Silver Creek 226
6. Dakota Ridge 208
7. Grand Junction 189
8. Monarch 160
9. Highlands Ranch 159
10. Broomfield 129
11. Loveland 108
12. Windsor 106
13. Arvada West 104
14. Golden 83
15. Coronado 78
16. Wheat Ridge 71
17. Pine Creek 66
18. G. Washington 60
19. Greeley West 52
20. Longmont 44

3A Team Rankings
2.Kent Denver326
3.Pueblo County319
5.Glenwood Spr.204
7.Manitou Springs184
8.Disc. Canyon167
10.Thomas Jefferson157
11.Colorado Acad.153
13.Green Mountain138
14.La Junta113
18.St. Mary’s67
19.Fountain Valley57

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Pre-Psych Sheet Rankings Posted Here - (2-3-2019)

Several teams made the most of their league meets.. Evergreen climbed to the top of the 3A rankings, while Rampart solidified their lead on 4A, and Fairview lost some ground to Cherry Creek, but still leads 5A.  

Psych Sheets are going to be out on Monday, February 4th, assuming all goes well..  When they do, new rankings will be calculated and posted here!  

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (1-23-2019)

Some small moves in each division mostly from the last invitational at Jeffco this past weekend.  Evergreen (3A), Arvada West (4A), and Chatfield (5A) moved up as a result.  5A looks to be Fairview's to lose right now, while 4A (Rampart & Cheyenne Mountain) and 3A (Pueblo County, Evergreen, & Kent Denver) will be a much more competitive meet.  

No rankings next week!  Next rankings posted on Sunday, February 3rd with Psych Sheet rankings immediately after they are available February 4th or 5th.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (1-15-2019)

Same leaders on top, but 4A is VERY close and several changes in all 3 divisions among the top 10 after several big invitationals this past weekend (Smoky Hill, Grand Junction, Mountain Range, Hornet/Pueblo County).  Teams will be wrapping up most of their dual meets and invitationals this week as they start into their championship phases of the season.  Several leagues will be hosting their JV/B/C league meets, so there will be one more ranking next week, and then the following rankings will include League Championships and then State psych sheets in rapid succession as we roll into the State Championship meets From Feb 7-9.  

Next Rankings Published - Week of Jan 15th

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (1-10-2019)

Fairview (5A), Rampart (4A), and Pueblo County (3A) still lead the rankings as we clear the halfway point of the season and we get closer to the League and State meets in a few weeks!  Fairview put a sizable margin between them and second place Cherry Creek, while Fossil Ridge has jumped back into the fray and is now 3rd after two recent meets that provided opportunity to show that they are still formidable even with a major departing class.  Rampart also put more distance between themselves and second place Cheyenne Mountain, while Pueblo County and Kent Denver remain closer with only 21 points separating them.  

Next Rankings Published - Week of Jan 15th