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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26 Colorado Boys HS Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted!

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here (3-26-2014)

The reading of "the rules"...

So it begins - again...

Just a few points of clarity before we get this underway

There are several goals that the compilation of the rankings and this site are meant to achieve:

  • To provide a home for the Colorado High School Swimming and Diving top-20 rankings that are derived while the boys or girls are in season. Girls rankings will be posted between late December and early February, while the Boys rankings will be posted between late March and mid May.
  • To generate more excitement during the 12 week high school season ultimately culminating at the 4A and 5A Colorado State Championship Swimming and Diving meets.
  • To provide recognition for the kids that have all worked very hard to achieve this level of success in the sport without having to be a state champion.
  • To provide a one-stop-shop for media outlets to get easy to find, publishable information that hopefully leads to more kids and programs getting more attention that is so richly deserved!
  • To provide motivation in knowing where you or your team stands relative to others.
  • To provide a possible outcome of the 4A or 5A State Championship Meet if it were to be that day.  Of course, this is only a projection and you still have to perform the meet.  It is not a guarantee of what will happen.  Only one of many possibilities.  

A few additional points of understanding:

  • This site is in no way affiliated with the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA).
  • This site is in no way affiliated with or any other sports website.
  • No one is being paid for this information or process.
  • The information is pulled directly from a few hours before posting, so if there is a data issue, it is likely because there is something wrong there.  Please check on that source first, before approaching this site. While it's not live data, it will be known when the sample was taken.
  • The intent of the team rankings is to provide a state meet simulation.  This takes the two highest ranked individual events for an athlete and assigns points to them based upon their projected place.  Adjustments have been made that account for athletes ranked in more than 2 individual events so that the scores are not skewed from one athlete/school.
  • The team rankings are not geared for dual meet predictions.  


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