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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 21 Colorado Boys HS Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted!

Colorado Boys Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here (4-21-2015)

Since it appears that many people appear to be coming to this site for current rankings, I will go ahead and continue to post rankings here.  I was reluctant to post anything, and didn't do so publicly during the girls season because it's been said that some coaches didn't "like the rankings and that it will ruffle feathers".  I've also been told specifically not to publish rankings because it would "spoil the surprise"

After a lot of consideration, and in grand scheme of things, this is about the kids and the teams getting publicity for all of the work that they do.  It generates buzz and excitement about the sport that we love!  If it ruffles a few feathers because some team cannot "sneak up" on another team, so be it.  In today's media world, not much of anything is a secret any more, and if a team or athlete wins, hopefully it's because they beat all-comers, and not because of some administrative gaffe. This resistance is really tired and old-school.  Get over it...

Finally, most every other sport does rankings by opinions.  This is *NOT* how these rankings are done. These rankings are strictly taken from data that is required to be submitted to MaxPreps (much more than the Top-20 event rankings there too)!  The team rankings are derived from taking the top two events of each swimmer and scoring events based upon those places, as well as relays and 11-dive scores from diving.  This is pure numbers and facts - no opinions here, which makes it better and more realistic! There is no charge for this, and it's hoped that media outlets see this as a tool that they can depend upon to augment news about the kids and teams that deserve it! Remember, you always have to swim the meet, so while this may serve as an attempt to predict the state meet, it isn't worth anything once the meet starts!

Good luck to everyone!!  

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