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Saturday, February 13, 2021


Colorado Girls High School Swimming and Diving Rankings Posted Here - (2-13-2021)

Cherry Creek (5A), Heritage (4A), and Evergreen (3A) sit on top of their respective division rankings.  In 5A, Cherry Creek leads Fairview by 15 points.  In 4A, Heritage leads Niwot by a massive 186 points, and in 3A, Evergreen leads newcomer Holy Family by 76 points!  

Next Rankings Published - Week of  Feb 14th (Wednesday??)


  1. How do you account for swimmers ranked in more than two events? Or more than four swimmers from one school in Top 20?

  2. Hi Greg -

    Same as always... We count only each athlete's top 2 placing swims and pull them out of the other lower ranking events and move everyone else up before points are assigned. We also look at the counts of how many each school has in a given event and pull out any below the maximum allowed of 4 in an event... and THEN we assign points to each school to compose the team scores!

    There are a few cases that we cannot account for -

    1. If an athlete is top ranked or has the same highest ranking in more than 2 events (a.k.a. The Missy Franklin problem), we randomly pick those 2 that are counted and negate the rest.

    2. Relays - We do not go to the level of ensuring that a school has only 4 countable splashes per athlete. Because of this, it's possible that if a school has 4 high-end athletes but cannot possibly cover all 3 relays at a single meet with the same 4 that earned the time over the course of the season, they may get ranked higher than what would truly would happen at a meet. There was a case of this a few years ago with Aspen who ranked first in every relay but at the State meet, couldn't cover all of them and lost considerable points compared to the rankings.

    Bottom line is this... You still have to swim the meet!! This is only a mathematical model used to predict a POSSIBLE outcome and build up the hype for the biggest meet of the season - The State Meet! These are done for fun and hype and to bring well-deserved attention to our sport! Other sports do their rankings based on opinions, but this is strictly math and even then still is no guarantee of the end result. Point in case was last season when Cherry Creek had a solid lead in the rankings going into the State meet but Fairview was able to win the meet with outstanding performances that got them the ultimate title.

    Hope this explains things a bit more!